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"Banshu Miki (Hyogo Prefecture Miki City) has long been widely known throughout the country as a blacksmith's town, and has prospered as the oldest blacksmith's town in our country in numerous legends and history. Founder "Miyoshi Tomari" in such Miki City was born, became a saw craftsman. Independence in 1969, and founded Leather Saw Industries Co. , Ltd., we started manufacturing and selling 'Leather saw', the original ancestor of swappable saws. After that, in 1975, Tamaki Sangyo Co., Ltd., a sales company was established, and it has reached the present.

We have been working on product development by selling saw produced at Leather Saw Industries Co., Ltd. under the catch phrase of "saw which changed the world of sharpness" for many years, connecting customers with Leather Sau Industrial Co., Ltd. I joined the Leather Saw Industry Co., Ltd. in 1987, after experiencing the manufacturing site for 1 year, I joined Yu Bird Industry in 1988 and became the second generation president in 2000 as a business field. After taking office, we continued the route until then, aiming at establishing a brand of leather saw products whose product names had fallen apart until then, we introduced the names of all the leather saws into the product name for the new products.

In addition, we launched "Mikakajaya Village" homepage which collected Miki's blacksmith and started PR of Miki's blacksmith, now we develop and sell many collaborative products. Furthermore, we opened a Tokyo office in 2011 We are working on making products that meet the needs of our customers, working to PR for leather sauces in the Kanto region, Mikakaji village products.

I will make an effort to offer you better products in the future so thank you.

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