As expected from us to pay the exact and timely invoice, we expect it from our customers. We add those customers who have exceeded the invoice deadline by more than 5 days. The prerequisite for admission to the list is, of course, that the customer has not contacted himself or if he has not responded to the letters and the phone. So the prerequisite for getting the list is the problem if you can't get in touch with the customer and get an explanation for the delay in paying the bill. Or, if recurring promises of arrears / payments are left unfulfilled.

Claims for invoice must be submitted by the due date for payment. Claims will not be considered after the payment deadline.

Before adding a list, we'll also let you know by e-mail or sms if the client can't be caught repeatedly by phone. Continued non-payment of the invoice, as well as non-response to the letter or message, will be taken into account as consent to disclosure.

If the invoice is overdue for more than 45 days, the credit information system will be automatically added.

All recovery costs are covered by the customer. Which may include collection agency, court, and lawyer's fees.

Also, please note that besides adding your listing to the website, we will not be able to remove you from the Google system after deleting the bill and deleting it from the list. It should be remembered that after adding to a list, it will take a maximum 2 weeks for Google to pick-it up automaticly for the search engine. However, removing them from the database takes a lot more time, and we can't help with that. To do this, Google will need to submit a corresponding application, after which Google will take it to the procedure.


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